The Graey Art Collective: Joni Cheung

The Graey is an interdisciplinary, Vancouver-based youth artist collective at Satellite Gallery. Together, they travel the in-betweens and grey areas of the city’s diverse community of artists, trying to piece together their own voices. The collective responds to the artistic and cultural pulse of the city through public art projects, art interventions, and individual art explorations. Through the wide-ranging experiences that have shaped each individual member, they come together as a collective not only to make sense of it all but to engage in a conversation with their city, its art, and its public.

Recently, the Graey has exhibited a public art piece in conjunction with Canada Line, entitled Tight City (2014). This photographic installation explores sustainable living conditions under economic pressure from the rising real-estate. Posing as urban residents, members of the collective play with illusion to stage a high-density living space that appears to fit inside a Canada Line exit shelter. The Tight City residents are positioned in reference to Edouard Manet’s painting, Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863). Just as Edouard Manet was interested in depicting the economic and social transitions that resulted as 19th century France moved from agrarian to urban centres of production, Tight City points to the increasingly upscale movement in Vancouver real estate due to globalization.
Other past projects include a series of collaborative zines, a pop-up photo booth intervention, and an experimental film entitled Lost in a Moment.
Lotusland will be posting the work of one artist per day from The Graey.

I’m majoring in Fine Arts at Simon Fraser University. I don’t have a preferred medium, rather I enjoy starting with concepts, then look at the materiality of specific mediums to incorporate, which will present these concepts to their fullest potential to start a conversation. I’m currently playing around with photography, installations, sculpture, painting and drawing but I’d also like to try other mediums such as video, sound, and printmaking. 

Lately, I’ve become progressively more interested in conceptual art and artists, such as Sol Lewitt and Bruce Nauman. I’ve also recently become interested with works by Rachel Whiteread, Francis Alÿs, and Anish Kapoor. A recent theme I had explored was the idea of subtraction/removal, the relation between an object and its purpose, and the relation between time, value, and result (physical and metaphysical). 

Outside of art, I love exploring and traveling to new local or faraway places. My adventures are usually motivated by food, landscape/cityscape, art, weather, or just the need to experience something refreshing.

Untitled (Charcoal 2) 300 DPI Untitled (Ceramics) 300 DPI Untitled (Arcylics) 300 DPI Untitled (Charcoal 1) 300 DPI SONY DSC Last Resort (Oils) 300 DPI


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