Vancouver Pride: Celebrating in Style

Photos 1-3 by Vanessa U
Photos 1-3 by Vanessa U

On August 3rd, the 36th annual Pride Parade walked, cheered, and danced its way through the sunbaked streets of downtown Vancouver.


This year’s turnout was nothing short of spectacular, once again affirming that Vancouver’s Pride Parades are one of the most successful of their kind in the world.


The parade is the culmination of a week of LGBTQ* events around the city, and it’s quite the exciting endeavour. Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets in rainbow attire.

Photos 4-5 by Laurin Kaardal
Photos 4-5 by Laurin Kaardal

With the improvement of laws regarding homosexuality in Canada since 1977 (when Quebec introduced a law prohibiting discrimination against gay men and lesbians in housing and employment), an event that began as a protest has become an all out celebration of diversity and acceptance, where anything goes and bigger is better.


Gay Pride events continue throughout the city this summer, with the Queer Arts festival and more.

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