Photo Journal: Star Nostalgia

The universe is more spectacular than any person could try to comprehend. Yet, we can marvel. I’d highly recommend venturing out into the wilderness on a clear night to discover the beauty of the thousands of stars lighting up the sky. Just don’t do it in the middle of winter. After sitting under the stars in minus thirty degree weather, even a warm fire (it’s only there because you keep making your cousin run into the forest to get more wood) will not keep you warm. As a result of our late night excursion, we ended up with frost-nipped fingers, a frozen camera that had to defrost, and thankfully these pictures.

-John Stockburger

Stars LL001

Stars LL002

Stars LL003

Stars LL004


Stars LL005







Stars LL006

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  1. THIS MAKES ME SO SPEECHLESS. Beyond. Beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyond. Shit I am feeling major emotions right now. Serious skill.

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