Photo Journal: The Changes of Night

More often than not, people view their residential surroundings as being nothing but familiar. I speak of the places we cross paths with nearly everyday. Places which are so familiar that we often don’t think twice about them. Whether it be the elementary school you pass by, the river you walk your dog along, or the bus stop you wait at every cold, wet morning, you know these places like the back of your hand. That is, until you walk aimlessly through them at 3AM during a spell of fog. What is immediately apparent, and what one would think is blatantly obvious, is that there is a complete absence of people. Now the places that you were previously so familiar with are presented to you in a new, eerily distorted view. There is nothing human or alive attached to your surroundings. Nothing to bring you back to reality and comfort. Because you are the only one present, you feel as if you do not belong, at least not at this moment in time. At this time, nothing is meant to be, nothing is meant to happen, and things are simply meant to exist. At this hour, nothing is the same.

-Nathan Beausoleil











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