A Short Guide to Inspiration

Illustration by Maya-Roisin Slater
Illustration by Maya-Roisin Slater

Days start to fade away as you reflect upon your once youthful self—full of promise and ideas, ready to tackle all of life’s challenges. “Those were the days,” you sigh, as your sweatpants become increasingly cheese stained and the amount of interesting shows to watch on Netflix hits an all time low. It’s almost impossible to remember what it felt like to be inspired. Fear not, devoted readers, for LotusLand is here to provide a bright light at the end of this greasy tunnel of self-pity. In order to get you out of whatever rut you may find yourself in, here lies a grand compilation of inspiration:


Queen B performing live is like angels sweetly cooing to you while also whispering empowering phrases in your ear. But better. Not only does she always look like a goddess, she hits every note and kills every move. Sure, her music videos are creative and full of costume changes and magic, but her live performances are something otherworldly. How can one human be so perfect? If everyone were more like Beyoncé, is it possible that there would be world peace? Whenever everyday life lacks inspiration, videos of Beyoncé will be there to motivate you.

Themed Playlists

Ah, music. Wonderful music. Could there be a more dependable friend? When executed correctly, a themed playlist is the best of pep talks. Any chore is made into an exciting movie montage of hard work with the right song choice. Lyrics are fuel for paintings, and melodies the muse for prose. Creating the perfect playlist is an art form in itself—finding the right song order and conveying the perfect message isn’t easy. It could even be said that in the search for inspiration, something has been created. Isn’t that even more inspirational?


Is there anything more exciting than strolling at a moderate pace through a dense urban setting? Many things may have come to mind, but it’s likely that none of them release endorphins. That’s right, those magical chemicals happen when your body moves slightly more than average. This means that while taking in the sights and shamelessly using real people as material for characters, you’re also improving your mood. Now that your outlook is so much brighter, it becomes much easier to notice what’s around you. Suddenly you have plans for seventeen different novels. Science is cool.


Stumbling upon an old notebook or journal is as satisfying as it is cringe-worthy. Either the ramblings inside are so wonderful that you aspire to do them justice, or they end up being so terrible that there is no other choice but to create something better. Notebooks also serve as an optimal medium for which to record things that are inspirational. If you’re always writing things down, people are generally afraid and intimidated by you; this can result in a false (but perhaps inspirational) sense of superiority. Fill your notebooks with your inner musings; develop a deep, tender relationship with them. Love them, live them, become them.

The Extraordinary

Variety is the spice of life. Change up your everyday routine. Instead of showering everyday, shower every second day. Or maybe just stop showering altogether. The result of losing all your friends will provide you with the immense diversity needed to fuel your latest creative project. Suffer for your art!

Aesthetically Pleasing Things 

Being surrounded by pretty things is always enjoyable and that is just an undeniable fact of life. Whether it’s plants, incredibly good-looking people, or your favourite online magazine, the impact of beautiful things is underestimated. Storing aesthetically pleasing finds on shelves or a bare bedroom wall allows you to bask in their glory when you wake up and go to bed. Start the day face to face with the perfect shade of crimson! Collect artifacts you find in unusual places! Blur the lines between art and hoarding! There’s always room in life for aesthetically pleasing artifacts, no matter the medium.


The most important component in the search for inspiration is the ability to observe. Relish the extraordinary! Wallow in the mundane! Take everything that appeals to your senses and magnify it to gross proportions! Next time you find yourself in pajamas at 4 in the afternoon, look upon this list with the confidence that your woebegone creativity will soon be resuscitated.

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