Memories All Alone in the Moonlight

On a bitter cold Saturday, eleven strangers in Vancouver’s downtown area were asked to recall their favourite memory. Each and everyone of them had to take a couple deep breaths and a lengthy pause to think back before baring their soul and allowing a quick picture. In a world that’s fast paced and constantly moving forward, it’s important to take a quick second to look back, appreciate the good times, and let them inform the future. Whether it be travel, costumes, loved ones, or Michael Keaton in a pinstriped suit we all have moments of joy and fondness to look back on even on the darkest of days. Please enjoy these beautiful people and their beautiful memories, which are, thanks to the sun and a voice recorder, no longer alone in the moonlight.


Probably being on a plane to San Francisco.


When I got a chance to go to Estonia by myself for 10 days. Going around there I got stuck in a greenhouse in a thunder storm. It was like the most pretentious moment ever, but I was in there with a Steinbeck novel, and it was thundering and lightening outside. I just spent an hour in this greenhouse and there were little cacti all around me and I was just reading Steinbeck in Estonia.


It’s tacky, but all I can remember is like just recently being in Milan and going to Fendi. It was a surreal and beautiful moment that I can’t even describe.


Well, my favourite current memory is all the different memories I’ve had while acting as Mr. Peanut. Because I get to stand on the street and make people smile all day long and it’s so awesome!


My favourite memory is a pretty recent one and it’s from Burning Man. I found a piano in the middle of the desert, and it was the middle of a desert storm. I was playing it with my eyes closed and when I opened them I was staring at 15 people around me enjoying the music. I was really, really happy that I could share, even though I didn’t know that they were there.


Well, yesterday I went alone to a theatre to see Beetle Juice. Walking to the theatre by myself, it was so foggy around me. Then entering and seeing all of these people who were just super excited and saying “Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Let the show begin!” It just brought me back to my childhood when I was watching that movie. I like this time of the year, when lots of memories from my childhood are coming back.

Brother Matthew:

My favourite memory is Jesus Christ. When I received Jesus Christ, when Jesus Christ came to me and announced me as a prophet. That’s the memory, yes, the Lord came to me, and He came to save those who are lost. He said to me go and preach to the world, tell them, tell someone about Jesus and what He has done.


Well my favourite memory is actually when I first met my husband. Might as well, right? He’s my best friend and life companion. We met through my friend and we got to hang out a whole day on the beach, we had lots of fun together, basically.


My favourite memories are all provoked by smells. Whether it be oranges, or a baby’s head, or the wind.


I’d have to say it’d probably be the first time that I wore a headband, made by myself, with like 60 different tassels on it, just out in the streets. Not for an event or anything. That was kind of like the breaking point for me between putting stuff that’s cool on for purpose and crossing into just doing it for everyday life, the feeling and the smiles you get when you’re out there. When you’re wearing something colorful, and interesting, and beautiful that you made yourself and people are kind of wondering if it has some targeted purpose or if it’s for an event. But it’s not, it’s just an everyday thing you can do to show people you don’t just have to dress up for events. You can just do it everyday and get out there and inspire people to do the same. We live in a city that’s very void of color, it’s all blacks, greys, browns, recessions, high cost of living, little circles, and cliques. We’ve got to get more people to wake up and get out of that and inspire random conversations and more thought, more creativity, and interaction, ‘cause there’s no community here. It’s a city of comers and goers. I think most people just kind of exist in their own realm as opposed to branching out, which is not what life is about. Yeah, the first time I wore something wild and crazy just for the hell of it wasprobably one of my most favourite memories ‘cause it was the starting point to doing it all the time.

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  1. Make this an ongoing series of different questions asked to random people on the streets. What is your favorite memory of school? What’s your most picturesque meal moment you’ve had?…

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