Issue 8: Editor’s Letter

You don’t really appreciate the grandeur and diversity of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods until one Saturday evening, after enjoying a much anticipated bacon and cheese burger at White Spot, you decide to walk all around the city for no reason and no particular destination in mind. During my travels, one second I was overwhelmed by the immense number of trees in one location and the next I was overwhelmed by the immense number of people.

With appreciating the neighbourhoods comes appreciating the people who inhabit them. I came across a middle aged man meowing very loudly from his black truck, confusing passers-by such as myself. On the bus, I had the privilege of sitting beside an old women with a brilliant smile across her face, and I could feel her happiness radiating onto me.

I ended off my night listening to Destroyer’s “Kaputt” at the album cover’s exact location, Queen Elizabeth Park, basking in contentment. So, if you’re ever feeling underwhelmed by Vancouver, get yourself a hearty burger that needs burning off, and walk around the city with a valid bus pass and an open heart. Sometimes a snack comes in handy too.


I just saw a guy rolling around town loudly singing along to opera music on his car stereo. He paused only to slowly sip straight from a gallon jug of milk sitting on the passenger’s seat of his silver Honda. In short, he’s probably the coolest guy you’ll ever find. Unfortunately, the powerful acceleration on that Honda prevented me from running alongside the vehicle to interview him. Despite having missed a golden opportunity to see into the mind of opera-milk-Honda guy, we did manage to interview some super cool people in Issue 8.


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