Issue 7: Editor’s Letter

I spent an hour and a half bussing across the city in the pouring rain to buy a jar. Being a standard human being, I am conveniently waterproof, and I survived the journey. However, a lot of unnecessary dampness could have been easily avoided. En route to the general store, I encountered no less than four more convenient shops selling jars.

Despite these tempting offers of “not having to sit on a cold bus for an hour and a half” and “saving $0.29,” I remained determined to visit a small shop in East Hastings to get my jar. Passing by the store over a month ago, I had peered in the window to see the man working there talking animatedly with a customer. He looked like a happy person.

I was returning specifically to talk to him. Happy people put me in a good mood, one that outweighs any discomfort encountered in a rainstorm. I got my jar. I stopped long enough to talk about Coca-Cola gummies. He was, indeed, a nice person. I continued on my way in a slightly improved mood.

Issue Seven is a product of all the staff members dragging themselves into the pouring rain to do something that they love (at least, we tell them they love it). Photos were taken, concerts were reviewed, and we interviewed people about things they’re passionate about. The result of their efforts is this: you can now spend a couple minutes snuggled up with your computer, reading the magazine, and you don’t actually have to go outside yourself.


Rain, rain, don’t go away. I really appreciate you and man am I glad you’re back.


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