Under the Beret: An Interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette

The inside of Zulu Records is a music junkie’s dream. Vinyl, CDs, and posters fill the shop, offering music from every genre, artist, and era you can name, and a lot that you can’t. But I’m here to interview Nardwuar, the Human Serviette. I nervously pace around Zulu, pretending to look at White Stripes records and wondering when he will finally make an appearance- despite the fact that I am early. I decide to go up the cashier and ask hurriedly when Nardwuar will be in. He shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t know man. He just kinda shows up.”

And thats when he blasts through the front door. He’s wearing a blue and green hawaiian shirt, black pants, and a red beret- a standard outfit for him. His hair is frazzled and long, and he kinda swerves around, keeping his body compact and walking as if all he wants to do is sprint. He shakes my hand quickly, but before that he has to go do his business; Zulu has some product for him to pick up- and Nardwuar is always looking for anything related to music. If you haven’t heard of Nardwuar already, you aren’t listening. The quirky music journalist runs a radio show at UBC CiTR, fronts two local bands (The Evaporators and Three Goblins) and, has interviewed just about every big name in music, from Kurt Cobain to Jay Z. And the interviews are anything but “Where did the band get its name?” blaise fare. Nardwuar has a seemingly infinite knowledge of music and popular culture. He’s even able to find their favourite vinyl records, which he incorporates into interviews as gifts. He’s so ridiculously good at what he does that Tyler the Creator joked he was “with the fed”, Pharrell offered to put him in a music video, and Questlove of the Roots said that he believed Nardwuar could have found Osama Bin-Laden. He’s effectively built his own miniature music and media empire- and he’s done it without any backing publisher or label.

So I am scared to interview maybe the most famous music journalist in the world? Hell yes. How do you interview someone whose entire career is based off of being incredible at interviews? And then there’s Nardwuar himself, who has a voice higher than the Empire State Building and the insane energy levels to match it. He ends every one of his interviews with the catchphrase “Keep on rockin in the free world, and doo doo da doo doo…..”, letting the artist finish with the “doo doo”. After that, he freezes. Like, he just stands there, unmoving. No matter what the artist does. With such incredible talent and his powerhouse personality, I’ll be lucky in this interview if he doesn’t switch it around and start interviewing me.

Nardwuar is finished with his records now, and we head out of the store together and around back to the alleyway, where it can be quieter- Nardwuar is insistent that my audio quality is good. “Audio is the most important part of anything whenever you are doing an interview”. He explains, “Unless you’re Barack Obama, and you’re saying something really controversial. Then its okay to have bad audio”. Then we start heading off on a tangent about what questions he would ask the president, and as soon as my mic is switched on, the interview gets rolling.

Interviewing Nardwuar is like surfing on a tsunami. Every question yields a paragraphs worth of response, all delivered by his machine-gun voice at about 100 km/h. He’s a fountain of info and insights on everything from his political interviews to the true foundation of his journalism career.

I start to realize that, normally, Nardwuar isn’t the crazy energized maniac he is in all his interviews. He’s still definitely quirky, and still, well, Nardwuar, but he’s actually a bit on the introverted side- his voice is quiet, his shoulders hunched. Until you mention music. Or journalism. Or Canada. Or cheese. Especially cheese. As soon as that comes up,  Nardwuar stands up straight, his voice jumps a few octaves and a few decibels, and a massive smile erupts on his face. He’s so in love with what he does that the very mention of it is like an electric shock. His voice gets even faster. In half an hour, the interview is complete. Nardwuar not only gave me more time than he said he could, but answered each question with gusto. The guy is dedicated.

Nardwuar is insistent that I make sure I’ve asked every question, and that I have plenty of

photos to take along with me (he really is a pretty darn swell guy- or maybe he’s just taking pity on an amateur). He thanks me profusely for all my support (I thank him about a dozen times in return for agreeing to the interview) and then he goes on his merry way. But not before I tell the journalist in the beret to keep on rockin in the free world- and, of course, close off my encounter with Nardwuar with a “doo do do do doo”, “Doo do!”.

So, with that, let’s have a look under the beret.


The full interview transcript can be found below

Zak: Introduce yourself.

Nardwuar: I am Nardwuar the Human Serviette from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, outside Zulu Records, one of my favourite stores in Vancouver, with Zak!

Z: Great to have you out here Nardwuar. Thanks so much for agreeing to the interview.

N: Thank you so much for caring, Zak! I’m just on my way to CITR UBC radio, where I started my radio show in the 80s, and I’m still doing it today, every Friday, 3:30 to 5:00, anybody can join, CITR radio!

Z: I’m a listener. Not only are you a radio personality and a musician with bands like the Evaporators and Three Goblins, you’re very well known for your series of interviews that you’ve arrange with just about every big name in music.

N: Well,  I do my radio show every week- and thank you for listening, Zak- and when you do a radio show every week, I guess you need people to interview. Well, my particular radio show is interviews pretty much. I tried to do music but I failed at it, in other words, I saw a lot of the DJs bring in their tunes they wanted to play and play tunes for CITR, and I just wasn’t really good at mixing them together. So I thought “I’d better think of something else! OK! I’ll play one song, interview a band, and play another song, so I thought I’d do interviews every week, and when you do an interview every week, sometimes you have to go with stuff you maybe aren’t familiar with. So at first I thought “I’m only gonna do punk”, and then I kinda had to do something and someone was like “Oh hey, why don’t you do metal?”. And I said “OK! I’ll do metal!”. And then someone said to me, “Oh hey, why don’t you do rap?”.

I started very narrow minded, but now I’ve expanded. When you do your radio show every week, you do get in to having to do all different types of genres of stuff, and to refer back to your question, that makes you want to interview like politicians for example. Because somebodys like “Hey Nardwuar, do you want to interview this politician who is coming to town?”

Z: I see. But all these interviews really started out with a guy named Dave Grohl in an elevator shaft, didn’t they?

N: Thats very interesting that you mention that! Dave Grohl, in an elevator, happened because I was trying to find Nirvana, and I figured Dave Grohl would be at a hotel, so I showed up, at the hotel, and I bumped into Dave Grohl in the elevator, and he actually RECOGNIZED me from having played in the band The Goblins in Seattle. Cause we did a gig as THE Goblins- not Three Goblins- but we wore MASKS over our heads! So it was kinda weird that he said “Oh, I recognize you, you’re Nardwuar from The Goblins!”. And I’m like “Uhh, okay”, and I was like, “Hey, can you put us on the guestlist tonight for Nirvana?” and he’s like “Yeah, I’ll put you on the guestlist”. Showed up at the door, of course, my name wasn’t on the guestlist.

Z: Well as far as the masks go, he’s Dave Grohl, I think he can do things like that. And that ended up with you interviewing Kurt Cobain and later you actually phoned Courtney Love, didn’t you?

N: Well, what happened was, actually Courtney Love phoned me beforehand, so when I showed up at the door and said “Hey, Dave Grohl put me on the guestlist!”, all the people at the door are like “Nardwuar, you’ve been in this town long enough to know, your name ain’t on the guest list”. So I’m like “No! My name is on the guest list! Dave Grohl said it would be on the guest list!”. And right then and there, by mistake, Kurt and Courtney walked in the media entrance. And I turned around and said, “Courtney, Kurt, its me Nardwuar!”. And Courtney remembered me because yes, she had phoned CiTR earlier, and she said “What’s going on here?”. And they were like “This guy says hes on the guest list!”. And Courtney said, “He sure is. Come with me, he’s my cousin, Nardwuar!”. And the next thing I know, I was backstage.

Z: So thank you Courtney Love.

N: It really was Courtney Love that brokered the deal, not Dave Grohl.

Z: Do you have a wish list of artists that you want to interview?

N: Throughout the years I’ve had a wish list. At one time, it was Bill Clinton, Kurt Cobain, and Neil Young. I’ve tried Neil Young twice, never had any opportunity to do an interview, he said no to me twice. I did get Kurt Cobain. And Bill Clinton, I almost got to Bill Clinton, but was kicked out of the press conference because other members of the media said “Hey, thats Nardwuar, he’s gonna ask something stupid, get rid of him!”. So I never got a chance.

Z: Well, you did ask Mikhail Gorbachev which world leader has the biggest pair of pants. Did you ever get an answer on that one?

N: Exactly, Zak! Its amazing that you’re remembering that. Yes, because other reporters remembered that I asked that question, they said “Theres that Nardwuar guy that Mikhail Gorbachev all these questions. Don’t let him in, get him out of there!”. But you know what the sad thing is? When they kicked me out of that press conference, not one person from Canada asked a question to Bill Clinton. And a couple weeks later, a famous question was asked to him “Hey Bill Clinton, are you into boxers, or are you into briefs?”. And it was asked two weeks after the press conference. I didn’t know what I was gonna ask Bill Clinton, but I think he was in a good mood at that time, and if I had asked him some question maybe he would have answered it, and who knows what would have happened?

Z: You might have gotten that question answered.

N: The Gorbachev answer is actually on Youtube, if people wanna check it out it should be on Nardwuar.com or if you type “Nardwuar Gorby” into Youtube, and they can actually see Mikhail Gorbachev. What happened is they actually cut me off- they said “no more questions”. But you can here in the background the translator saying “Sorry, I didn’t understand your Russian”. Because what I had said to him initially was, “derzhat’ na Rockin v svobodnom svet”, which translates as “Keep on rocking…”

Z: In the free world.

N: In Russian, yes. And then I asked him who had the biggest pants, and they cut me off then- the translator said “Sorry, we don’t understand your Russian”. But in the video clip, you can see Gorby smiling and turning to the translator. Because he knows English! He’s like a genius! He helped diffuse the Soviet Union!

Z: Back then you mentioned Canada at the press conference. You manage to bring up Canada in just about every single interview you do. When you interviewed Tyler, the Creator, for example, you mentioned that his mom was half Canadian. And of course you mention Vancouver constantly; what is it exactly about our city that charms you so much?

N: Well, why are you talking to me Zak? Because I’m Canadian, right? Because you love Canada! Right? Thats why you’re talking to me right, because I’m Canadian?

Z: Well, thats part of the reason, yeah.

N: What it all comes from is that you’re doing a show on CiTR radio; every week, you’re looking for guests. And then when you interview people, say someone not from Canada, you still want to fit in some Canadian content. So even though, yes, I’m interviewing Tyler the Creator live on CiTR or playing the tape, I wanna give something for the listeners who are listening there going “Ohhh okay, theres a bit of Canadian content there!”

Z: I see. Now in a lot of your interviews, we can see clearly that you are in the backstage of venues, like the Commodore-

N: And I love Canada.

Z: We all love Canada, Nardwuar. So what is your favourite venue around Vancouver?

N: I actually really like halls. When you can just rent out a hall and do a gig. I’m doing a gig coming up with my band the Evaporators, and over the years, we’ve rented out many halls, like there was the Cambrian Hall, there was the Arcadian Hall, did gig at the North Van Rec center…..So my favourite locations are actually just halls out there that can be rented for teen all-ages gigs. Right now my favourite hall is Astornio’s on Commercial, where the Safe Application Society put on all ages gigs, so I love that because when you put on a gig at a hall, you’re not fooling anybody. Sometimes when you put on a gig downtown, people will go because its a club. They are there because its a club. Put out a gig in a hall, in the middle of nowhere, people really gotta go there, and they really end up enjoying it! It was hard to get people out to those events, but what I’m saying is that the people that wanna be there, really wanna be there.

Z: And after a late night of rocking out in the free world, you hit up the Tomahawk Barbeque?

N: In North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

Z: Now, what is so special about the Tomahawk Barbeque?

N: I think I was attracted to it at first because I had heard that Bryan Adams had once worked as a dishwasher there, so it was pretty exciting to see the little nook and cranny that he washed dishes in. And since then, we’ve shot an Evaporators video there, “Hot Dog High”, and then I found out all sorts of people have gone to the Tomahawk. I thought it was my little secret, and the owner, Chuck, later told me “Hey, you know Bill Gates has eaten here? You know the Rolling Stones have eaten here?”. And I thought it was my little secret! And then Denis Coupland did a book called “City of Glass”, all about Vancouver, and when you open up the book, the centre spread is the placemat for the Tomahawk. I thought it was so sacred, but no, its totally huge! In fact, it was just featured last summer on “Diner Drive-ins and Dives”, and Chuck the owner says since its been featured on that show its been a lineup out the door every day!

I enjoy the Tomahawk for the Skookum Chief Hamburger, but when the Drive-Ins dude went there, he ordered the beef dip! But to me, the Tomahawk is known for…

Z: The Skookum Chief hamburger.

N: You’ve got it. And what is on the Skookum Chief hamburger?

Z: I don’t actually have the full ingredients list. But I believe you described it once as “three meals in one”. And unless I’m mistaken, when you went there when you were younger, the waitress instructed you not to order it because you wouldn’t have been able to finish it. Is this true?

N: You know too much. You know too much Zak, EXACTLY! Three meals in one! Breakfast; bacon and eggs, lunch; a weiner, dinner;  meat and cheese, all in one giant burger. And I just want to add, the band Punchbuggy from Ottowa added fish and chicken to it, and they ended up naming it “The Punchbuggy Deluxe” at the Tomahawk because of that. So you think “Oh, Nardwuar, you can eat that burger?”. Well, Punchbuggy kicked my ass. On a local burger.

Z: So do you bring the Evaporators there to eat? Is that where the band hangs out?

N: We have eaten there quite a few times, and I’ve tried to bring other bands there, as well. Like one time the Evaporators played a gig with Sleater Kinney, from Olympia, Washington, and we wanted to bring them to the Tomahawk, but instead they went to Naam, because they weren’t into it….sighs…

Z: Well, now that you mention that, I have something right here that you and Evaporators like to eat. I have a little gift here; some 25 year old Parmesan cheese straight from Parma, Italy.

N: NO WAY! Thank you Zak! This is INCREDIBLE! 25 years old?

Z: 25 years old. I’m giving you this because the Evaporators have a song called “Addicted to…”

N: “I got a disease, I’m addicted to cheese!”. Thank you Zak! So much…this is incredible! I really don’t know what to say, but this is like, the best gift ever. The best gifts to give are always food, cause you can eat right then and there!

Z: You’re very welcome. What is your favourite kind of cheese, and what is a “cheese addiction”?

N: I like any type of cheese. Especially parmesan here too, cause you can grate it and put it on stuff, cause sometimes when you have cheese, it can become really heavy and it doesn’t really work. You know, if you cut a slab and throw it in a salad, it doesn’t always work…but you can take the parmesan and put it anywhere….another favourite of mine is Maple Wood Smoked Cheddar, which you can get near Neptoon Records on Main Street, theres a little cheese shop. Its amazing. Its like, 10 dollars for one little corner of it. I also like Huntsman cheese, as well, so I would say Huntsman cheese, Maple Wood Cheddar, and stuff you can grate, like parmesan! 25 years old…How old are you? This thing is older than you!

Z: I am 16! But moving on, gifts are actually a signature of your interviews. You give gifts to every artist you interview. Where do the gifts come from? Where did the idea start?

N: Well, as I keep on referring back to, CITR UBC Radio! When I do my show at CITR radio, there used to be two rooms; you’d be in one room and the guests would be in the other room. The guests would be in a room filled with records. So oftentime I’d be interviewing a band and be going “Well, what do you think about this band?”, and I would get them to pull out a record, and they would look at that record and go “Oh, I remember that band!”. And then the bands I was interviewing would just grab records and start looking at them. And when I started interviewing people in person, there was no studio to do the interviews in, so I had to bring records with me if I wanted to ask them a question. But then people started breaking them, in the case of Sonic Youth, or started stealing them, in the case of Snoop Doggy Dogg. So I just thought to myself, rather than them break them, rather than stealing them, the records I bring I might as well give to them. ,

Z: And sometimes artists are amazed by how much research you put into the gifts. For example, Pharrell Williams was so blown away by the “Rumpshaker” record you gave him you could practically hear his mouth hit the floor. And he later hooked you up with Jay Z, didn’t he?

N: Yes he did, and it was so nice of him to do that! About the Rumpshaker record, I got that at Beat Street records in Vancouver, Canada- whoops, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada- and I had met the owner at CITR. So it was because of my involvement with CITR that I knew they were able to get that actual record and a bunch of others. And it was so nice of Pharrel to hook me up with Jay Z. During that interview, he also said “I’m going to put you in a video!”, and I was like “Oh my god!”. And it ended up being the video for the song “Spazz”- I wasn’t in it, but they wanted me in the video. But yeah, he actually came through and hooked me up with Jay Z. It was at the Pemberton Music Festival, it was a long way up there, I went all the way up looking for Jay Z, couldn’t find him anywhere! I found another guy, guy in the band N.E.R.D, Shay, and Shay phoned Pharrell, and BANG! Next thing you know, I’m doing an interview with Jay Z!

Z: Aside from Pharrell, has anyone ever actually requested to be interviewed by you?

N: Interestingly enough, the only person I’m thinking of that really wants to be interviewed by me was Pharrell…. Do you mean interview me or be interviewed by me?

Z: Interview by you, like have people ever asked for an interview for gifts or for the experience?

N: I don’t know if they ever wanted free gifts. A few people have contacted me, for instance, the rapper Sage Francis, who also is on the Evaporators song “Hot Dog High”, thats sort of like my ultimate. He contacted me and said “Hey, do you want to an interview with me?”, I did an interview with him, and afterwards, he recorded a verse and we put it on the Evaporators record. So its kinda like the ultimate thing.

Z: Two birds with one stone.

N: Exactly. Sage Francis really is someone who contacted me who stands out.

Z: Getting back to your research abilities, you might be a music journalist, but your degree is actually in history, isn’t it?

N: It is in history. I tried to do commerce and economics but I failed at it, so it was fun to be able to move into history. And I was able to do neat projects like one on the Lionsgate Bridge here in Vancouver! It was a lot easier than doing economics homework.

Z: And your mother was also a historian who wrote a book on the history of Gastown, didn’t she?

N: Yes, she used to drag me around when I was a little kid throughout Gastown when she was assembling the book. And also, she would drag me to the North Shore Historical Society where I became a member. I went there first to help out with like, the milk and cookies that they handed out, but eventually got totally into it and was obsessed by it. And then, when I got to high school, I was in charge of organizing the school dances because I was president of student council, so I would ask people what bands they’d like to play. And a lot of the time, they would mention local bands, and a lot of the local bands had broken up. So I got into researching the history of music just to see what bands were available! So it all kinda just started through there.

Z: One last question about the gifts. One two occasions, artists are actually seen giving you chains, specifically A$AP Rocky and Wooh Da Kid for A$AP Mob and Brick Squad, respectively. Do you still have the chains, and do you wear them?

N: I wish they gave me the chains like you, Zak, gave me the parmesan cheese. But sadly the chains were removed, actually. To tell you the truth, when you’re doing an interview, I’m so nervous, and its like “Oh my god, what’s going on,” that I didn’t even notice the chain going on me, and sadly, I didn’t notice the chains coming off, either!

Z: Another thing you do in your interviews is that you end them all with your signature “Doo do do doo do…”

N: Doo doo!

Z: But sometimes artists don’t get it, and they say something completely different. I believe that Hodgy Beats actually said “Bukkake”. Do you ever feel disappointed when that happens?

N: No, I like it when they say something and they kinda freestyle. For instance, I talked to James Brown, and went “Doo do do doo doo…”, and he said, “I’m not gonna go wab-a-lim-bam-a-wim-bam-boom!”, and I thought, “Thats perfect!”. But I still pushed for it, and his backup singers eventually went “doo doo”. I’m always happy if it works; like Courtney Love, “Doo doo do do doo”, and Courtney Love was like, “Fuck you!”. Glen Danzig of the Misfits was like “Doo doo do do doo, you’re nuts!”. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as its rhythmically okay.

Z: A tougher question for you now. When you interviewed Henry Rollins back in the 90s, he said that he was impressed by your energy, but claimed that you were playing a character. So, when you interview people, do you think you actually do play a character or accentuate parts of your personality?

N: Well, everytime I do an interview, I do get excited. And it is, usually, a bit of a battle to get all the questions done in the time limit. And in a lot of cases, you run into a room, you have 15 minutes to go in there, do the interview, and get the hell out. So you have to go as quick as you can- you gotta get revved up.

Z: You’ve had some other interviews that have turned a little bit nasty. You mentioned Sonic Youth, but Blur also kinda intimidated and bullied you in their interview.

N: The interesting thing about Blur was, 10 years or so after doing the interview- maybe it was like, 8 years- Dave from Blur apoligized to me, which was pretty crazy. And the reason he apologized is that the internet never forgets. People were emailing Dave because he was running for local Parliament- Dave from Blur, the guy who like, hassled me. Check it out on Youtube. Anyways, he was running for Parliament, and people were looking on the internet for interviews with him, and they found one- me and him. People started posting on his website “Why’d you treat Nardwuar this way?”. And so he had to give an apology 8 years later. So thank you, internet!

Z: Thank you Internet indeed!

N: And do you know his excuse of why he bullied me like that?

Z: Cocaine.

N: You got it.

Z: You also do some political interviews, we already mentioned Mikhail Gorbachev, and you got the famous “For me, pepper, I put it on my plate” quote from Prime Minister Chretien. Is Stephen Harper next?

N: I did try Stephen Harper, and did get close, but I made a mistake. The mistake was I’d been going around getting politicians to do the “hip flip”, which is like a weird 1960s twister game. You put a pole between two people, and you have to flip this thing around. After I took the Jean Chretien one I thought “Lets mix it up a bit. Why don’t I bring this weird twister game and see if the politicians wanna do interviews? I got Paul Martin to do the hip flip, Jack Layton didn’t do the hip flip and then eventually did do it, so it was up to Stephen Harper to see if he would do it. And I went up to his press agent- he was in Surrey, BC- and I said “Hey, uh, would Stephen Harper like to do the hip flip with me? Look, Paul Martin did it! Jack Layton did it!” and the press agent said to me, “He won’t do the hip flip, but he will talk to you.”. And I was thinking “If he’s not gonna do the hip flip, I’m not gonna talk to him!”. And I’ve never had a chance since…

What I should’ve done in retrospect is said “Sure I’ll talk to him!”, and then out of the blue, pulled out the hip flip. So that goes on to a very important thing that I wanted to mention to you is that everytime you do an interview, you’re constantly learning. Everytime I do a show on CiTR, everytime I do an interview in person, I’m learning there are different ways of approaching things. And I wish I knew that back then, because since then, I’ve never had another chance.

Z: You’ll get one! Now, next question; the name. You are Nardwuar the Human Serviette, right?

N: I am indeed.

Z: Why aren’t you the human napkin?

N: I’m serviette because in the U.S.A they don’t have serviettes, they have…

Z: Napkins.

N: So, if you’re in the States, and you ask for a serviette….

Z: They don’t know what you’re talking about.

N: Exactly! And that happened to me- I was at Skipper’s Clam Chowder in Bellingham. It was amazing; all you can eat chowder, all you can eat chips, all you can eat fish, and i had all this stuff drooling down my chin because I was so hungry. And I said “Could I please have a serviette? Can I please have a serviette?”. And they were like, “What?”. And I just went “COULD I PLEASE HAVE A SERVIETTE?”. “You mean, napkin?”. “Yeah!”. So that was stuck in my mind, hence Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Nardwuar is a dumb stupid name, and human is from the band the Cramps and their song “Human Fly”. So thus, Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

Z: One last question; what is the hardest question someone could ask you in an interview?

N: I don’t know, go ahead!

Z: It was worth a try. Well that-

N: Probably something to do with math. I’m terrible with math. In fact, I’ve learned a lot about math through interviews and stuff like that. I once interviewed a guy called Henry 77, and he taught me about fibonacci numbers, its like some crazy thing, I still don’t understand it. So, yes, math always will stump me!

Z: Anything you’d like to say to the good people out there?

N: Thank you again Zak for this interview and for this parmesan. 25 years old…where, again, is this from? Where can I get this?

Z: This was actually imported. My dad works at the Italian Cultural Centre and received a wheel of this from the consulate when he got re-married. And I thought “Oh, I know Nardwuar loves cheese, I’ll bring him some!”

N: Is that the centre just on the highway there?

Z: That’s it.

N: That place actually hosted a gig by one of my favourite bands ever from Vancouver, the Pointed Sticks! In fact, the Pointed Stick’s first record came out on Quintessence records, which used to be on 4th avenue, which basically turned into Zulu! So it all comes all the way around! Thats amazing that your dad tied into this. And thats one of my favourite places too, to go see a concert. The ICC is like, an example, especially since now I know if I go to the Italian Cultural Centre there might be more cheese available! I remember the Ukrainian Hall always had perogies in the other room! Its always neat when you have places with food. Again, those are the best gifts; food. Thanks again!

Z: You’re very welcome! Keep on rockin’ in the free world, and doo do do doo do….

N: Doo do!

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is hosting an all ages gig at Astorino’s Catering on Sunday, September 8th.
Featuring the Evaporators, Three Goblins, and Tough Age. Be there or be square.

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