Review: Sitting Around

Vancouver’s population is well known worldwide for being active. At any given point in a day, one can find armies of Lululemon clad exercise enthusiasts dispersed across the city, sipping smoothies and looking smug. If, however, one decides to take a break from that clichéd West Coast lifestyle, Vancouver offers an abundance of places to sit, listen to music, people-watch, and think about existentialism… as long as you know where to find them.


The Bench At the Top of The Hill At China Creek Park


This bench is a great place to sit and contemplate. It offers great views of the mountains and East Vancouver, all while remaining completely underappreciated. Perhaps what makes it so great is the way it transcends the seasons: sitting in the winter is just as beautiful as visiting in the summer. If you drop by at night, the glowing East Van cross sheds an eerie light and creates a somewhat mystical look about the place, thus making it an ideal spot to feel forlorn or conjure spirits. If you do decide to bring a friend to this particular locale, make sure that they are happy to sit in silence, because this bench transcends words.

The Middle Seat at the Back of the 99

Being able to take a seat in this location involves luck, grit, determination, and some pocket change, but it is most definitely worth it. Perhaps it’s the early morning trek to school, a ride home from a friends house, or your vehicle for a late night romp through the city; whatever the reason for riding the 99 bus, every Vancouverite has taken it at least once. In order to optimize the 99 experience, two things are needed: good music and the middle seat at the very back of the bus. This seat is really the best: it not only offers you an excellent view through the windows, but also a prime position to watch the people inside the bus. For all you aspiring novelists out there, sitting in the back of the bus is the key to your artistic success. With so many human interactions and eccentric people in front of you, you’ll be supplied with enough raw materials for characters to last you a lifetime. Although certain experiences in life can seem mundane, with the right outlook and optimal seating, anything can happen.

The Metal Railings at the Back of the Parking Lot Behind the Olympic Village Canada Line Station Right Near the Train Tracks

At face value, this locale can seem slightly anticlimactic, despite its long and daring name. However, it is one of the best places that the city has to offer to sit by yourself. It offers a wonderful view of all those entering and exiting the station, which is perfect for people watching. Despite its proximity to a transit hub, commuters rarely come close to these railings, ensuring that you can watch people without the feeling of being watched yourself. Bring some music, a book or a notebook and sit for a while. Let the abandoned train tracks awaken the inner delinquent inside of you.

The Top of The Hill at Queen Elizabeth Park Where the Cover for Kaputt Was Shot

If you’re in search for a place to cure teenaged angst, look no further than the top of the hill at Queen Elizabeth Park. On a rainy Vancouver day, it looks beautifully abysmal, great for wallowing in wretched feelings, and on a sunny one its so stunning you can’t help but feel better. In order to get the most out of this place, it is helpful to look out across the view and whisper phrases such as “Why am I here?”, “What am I doing?”, and “Will I ever look good in overalls?”. If you decide to bring some company, make sure they are prepared to talk about the eternal paradox of mankind. If not, they’re really not worth escorting.

The Bleachers at the Back of Trimble Park


These bleachers offer a good view of the city and the opportunity to feel like you’re in a John Hughes movie. This is one location you should bring a group of friends to, in order to maximize the feeling that “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by the Simple Minds will start playing at any moment. With enough determination, it will. The bleachers are best appreciated in the summertime, preferably with Slurpees from the nearby gas station. In the winter it turns into a somewhat abysmal place, which is perfect for sitting and pretending to be tougher than you actually are. Whether with friends or alone, the bleachers do not disappoint.


Now you can impress visitors, friends, and love interests alike with your extensive knowledge of romantic and inspiring places to take a seat. With these recommendations in mind, it’s time to go forth and explore the city with your mind, spirit, and posterior.


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  1. Nothing like a little solitary navel gazing on a warm summer day! Loved the “spin” on the slurpies from the gas station near good ol’ Trimble Park…..
    I’ve often wondered about the “paradox of mankind” whilst sitting on rock on Bella’s Beach!
    Tres bon

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