Issue Four: Editors’ Letters

When I was nine I found a four leaf clover at Girl Guide camp. This was within 30 seconds of deciding that I was going to find myself a four leaf clover. I have very, very good luck. It’s not quite the type of luck where I find money on the ground all the time. I did find $30 walking to work once, but that was a long time ago. My luck tends to be with people (and clovers). I find cool people – cool as in people you want to get to know, not popped-collar-and-aviators cool. Actually, the cool people are probably everywhere, but no one bothers talking to strangers in order to find them. The first time I struck up a conversation with a total stranger was after I saw him 7 times in different parts of town. I figured I could safely talk to him after he rollerbladed into me for the third time. It’s not actually super awkward to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met.

Cool people are all over the place. In the making of this issue, we met a whole lot of them. Keep an eye out, okay? The guy standing behind you at a festival, making sure no one elbows you while dancing? He’s probably pretty rad. The girl telling really bad jokes at a party? That’s either me, or another top-notch human being. There’s nothing to lose by striking up a conversation with them. So here’s the secret to finding good people: talk to people who seem good.

The secret to finding four leaf clovers will be accompanying me to the grave.

– L

Probably the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me was winning a Cat in the Hat book at a school raffle in grade 3. I was amazed, and since it was only the second draw of the day, (I had spent all of my allowance buying tickets) I expected to return home with numerous gift baskets, a lot of cake and The Cat in the Hat. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It all went downhill from that day, as I lost every lunchbox my mother bought me that year. And this curse has continued through my adolescence. I lose things way too easily (they tend to be valuables, money and borrowed pencils) and find them only 3% of the time. My mother calls it irresponsibility but I am convinced that the universal creator has something against me and it’s just horrible luck.

Yesterday I hopped into a taxi in Tehran on my way to a mall. The majority of taxis here are old, worn out and only play cassettes. Sometimes they’ll put on the radio which has “politicians” complaining about the zionists ruining the world, and other times Persian pop music. This taxi driver put in a cassette, and to my great amazement “Hello” by Lionel Richie started playing. Leaving the taxi with a large tip, I arrived at the mall, ordered schnitzel, and it happened to be the best schnitzel I have ever had. I am convinced that Lionel Richie has turned my luck, and I’m excited for you to read my success story.

So, if you’re in a Middle Eastern country and your taxi starts playing “Lionel Richie: Greatest Hits” on cassette, don’t ever ignore it. You are destined for some great fortune, whether it be really good schnitzel or winning the lottery.

– M

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